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Home Watch | Peace of Mind

When you are away we can be the eyes and ears to one of your biggest investments and help address any issues which may arise. Having a neighbor or friend watch your property can be burdensome to them, as well as a liability. So let us help. Whether you are gone for the season or for a week, we can help give you peace of mind.

Issues that could arise while you are away:

  • burglaries and thefts

  • water damage due to weather, plumbing issues or appliances

  • weather related and storm damage

  • frozen pipes

  • electrical

How we can help:

Visual inspections of:

  • all doors and windows

  • water leaks and damage

  • pool, hot tubs, and equipment

  • unwanted pests and insects

  • outside HVAC equipment

  • run faucets, flush toilets, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer, dryer

  • electrical panel

  • check on service providers such as cleaners, landscapers or other contracting services

  • water plants

  • pick up mail and packages

  • monitor temperature and alarms

  • change air filters, light bulbs, smoke detector batteries, key pad batteries

  • referral service for cleaners, handyman, and other contractors as needed

  • meet service providers and deliveries

Even if you have a home security system, it can't see everything.

We also offer:

Auto watch: test drive, turn over engine, check air and inspect for leaks.

Boat watch: visual inspection, run engine, check lift

Contact us to discuss how we can create a customized package to fit your specific needs.


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