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Must Haves for your short term rental that go the extra mile

I have listed a few items that I consider "must haves" for your short term rental. Having spent the last 3 years working with property owners and guests, I place the items high on the priority list.

  1. Luggage Rack - They provide a clean, elevated service to keep suitcases. You can place them at the foot of the bed or in a closet that allows easy access.

  2. Pillow Protectors - A pillow protector is a sleeve for your pillow that goes under the pillowcase. It helps protect your pillows from sweat, makeup, drool, yellowing and wear and tear. They offer an added layer of protection, are easily washable and help with the longevity of your pillows.

  3. Bedside clock / Charging Station- This allows guests to conveniently charge their device and keep it close to them while they are sleeping. No more moving furniture to find plugs. Guests will love you for this one!

  4. Guest Guidebook - A Welcome/Guide Book is an essential element for rental properties. It's important to make a guest feel welcomed and an attractive booklet filled with useful and practical information can help reduce stress and set the tone for a relaxing stay.

  5. Oven Liner - Oven liners are life savers...and oven savers too. Simply place the liner near the bottom of the over to catch falling food and spills. They can easily be removed and cleaned or replaced, which makes oven cleaning a breeze.

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